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This is a free service to BPIF members, simply complete the form and we will post your vacancy on the site.

However even if you are not a BPIF member, you can advertise a post on this site for £350 plus VAT. Please complete the form and we will contact you with regard to your advertisement.

Complete the business details and then use the Browse button to attach a job description. Please ensure that the job description contains the role, location and salary of the post.

Applicants will contact advertisers directly regarding available positions. Advertisers should make the effort to reply to candidates letting them know that their application has been received and advising them of further progress e.g. interview or not.

We regret that job advertisements can only be accepted where there are placed directly by printing companies or other organisations seeking to employ employees in print-related occupations. We are unable to accept vacancies from recruitment agencies or other intermediaries.

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