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  • Job Title: Managing Director
  • Function: General Management
  • Reports to: Board/Group Managing Director

Job Purpose:

To provide strategic direction and an operating framework whilst effectively managing unit General Managers and integrating multiple business units. Ensuring human and capital resources are utilised, developed and integrated to optimum levels to meet company objectives, satisfy customer requirements and achieve sustainable levels of opportunity.



  • Medium Under £50 million
  • Large £50 million and over

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage effective and short term business planning and forecasting in line with overall business strategy/goals, and establish objectives with employees in support of these plans in order to achieve current year profit targets whilst ensuring sustainable longer term growth and profitability.
  • Define business strategy and medium-long term plans to ensure that products and service offerings match existing and emerging market needs and the achievement of business returns in line with the company’s strategic goals.
  • Ensure that the sales function across the business units maintains effective and profitable relationships with existing customers, thereby achieving organic growth targets whilst still developing a healthy portfolio of new business opportunities: personally participating in major negotiations/discussions as required.
  • Ensure that the manufacturing and site management processes of the units employ best practice techniques to achieve maximum operational efficiency and sustained improvements in quality, service and operating costs, thereby matching continual increases in customers expectations and also securing adequate returns on investment.
  • Establish consistency in operating standards and an awareness/compliance with safety, health and environmental legislation and Group policy.
  • Ensure that business units adopt and develop business IT and commercial systems which improve the service offering to customers and maximises efficiency and margin opportunities.
  • Ensure that the financial controls and reporting practices within the business units meet Group standards and legal requirements whilst providing reliable and incisive information to assist the professional management of the business.
  • Ensure that the local purchasing function maintains effective relationships with suppliers and achieves a level of performance which matches chosen benchmarks and indices.
  • Develop and agree overall labour and capital plans for the business units, varying such plans as necessary to ensure that these valuable resources are fully utilised and developed to match changing market circumstances and provide the foundation for profitability.


Educational and Professional:

  • Graduate calibre
  • First degree (preferably in a technical discipline)
  • Business/Professional Qualification of programme

Knowledge, Skills, Experience

  • Minimum 7-10 years board experience within a management level position.
  • Minimum 2-3 year experience within a general management level position (i.e. profit accountability)
  • Experience of business reorganisation and integration.
  • Experience of managing centralised functions with associated cost controls/benefits.
  • Experience of management within a unionised manufacturing environment.
  • Evidence of having effectively managed significant change.
  • Evidence of employing negotiating and consultation skills effectively.
  • Awareness of current Safety, Health, Environmental and Employment, legislation.
  • Understanding of internal/external customer/supplier relationships.
  • Understanding of Information Systems and their employment within a business and value in offering consolidated information for integrated businesses.
  • Business and commercial awareness/exposure.
  • Leadership/people management skills.
  • .
  • Presentation/communication skills.
  • Numerical/verbal reasoning skills.
  • Financial management.